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Services & More

Penson Publishing is here for all of your publishing needs. Whether your a first time author looking to start you first book.  Or someone who just needs a little help getting the finishing touches. We can also offer ISBN Numbers as well as printing assistance

Book Formatting

As an indie writer, you want to make sure your book looks professional as well as appealing as traditionally published books. That's where we can help you.


Copy Editing

We will meticulously go over your manuscript for:

  • Punctuation

  • Hyphenation

  • Word Usage

  • Spelling/ Grammar

  • Clarity

  • Style Consistency

  • Basic Fact-Checking

  • Reader Report

  • Repetition/ Continuity

  • ...and much more

Open Books

ISBN Numbers

We have already purchased many ISBN numbers we can give you for you book.  We can also offer advice on how to obtain your own ISBN if that's the way you prefer to go.

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