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Rising Darkness and Untamed Shadows

Rising Darkness and Untamed Shadows

Katalina Vega's gifts are changing, and her connection with Dixon, her fated, is growing, throwing a wrench into her plans to help get their rebellion against the Shadowlords moving to the next steps.

Her decision to traverse the Shadowlands alone, dealing with the last remaining powers that can rival the Shadowlords, and keeping John Ganix distracted with hunting her down may lead to more trouble than Kat realizes. Kat will have to wage war with more than just the Shadowlords in the near future. After carrying out her plan, she must battle the fallout of her actions and decisions.

Soon, Kat will realize that her choices—her mistakes have consequences. If she can come to terms with the outcomes, she must determine how to deal with them and whether she will do it alone.

Her visions hold the key to what will come and what should be done, but will she use them or ignore them as she so often does?

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