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These Dark and Savage Things (Hardback)

These Dark and Savage Things (Hardback)

SKU: 978-1-956332-04-9

Katalina Vega is a Seer, but being able to foretell the future doesn’t prevent her from making mistakes.


The first mistake is trusting John Ganix, a handsome Shadowlord with a hunger for power and plans for Kat’s gifts. The second is believing she belongs in the Shadowlands, a world of magic and nightmares. And the third may be her hopes to remove the Blood bond she shares with the Shadowlord and escape the Shadowlands.


The only ones she trusts are her four Darklings, magical and skilled guards that have become her family during the two years she’s been in the Shadowlands. But are they enough, or is the enigmatic and charming Dixon someone she can rely on?


Will Dixon become another mistake?


For Kat, only one thing is sure; hard lessons come from big mistakes. She will have to learn from hers...or die trying.


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